Work Integrated Learning & Graduate Employability Summit

Work Integrated Learning & Graduate Employability Summit

REGISTER: R7,999 Per Delegate

Future-driven strategies for smooth transition from higher and further education to the labor market

Continued improvement of methodologies in teaching and learning is key to the development of any society. It is essential to governments for devising strategies to compete with the rising global competition in times of economic uncertainty. But progress can not be created in a vacuum. It requires connected efforts, cross-border discussions and vigorous assessments. This is why we are happy to announce the first Work-Integrated Learning & Graduate Employability Summit to highlight forward thinking and future-driven strategies for smooth transitioning from education to the labour market and identify factors impeding skills performance.

Work-integrated learning (WIL) is widely considered instrumental in exposing undergraduates to the required employability skills to function effectively in their chosen profession. This poses a challenge to higher and further education to design and deliver curriculums that meet these expectations. Evaluation of WIL programs in enhancing skills development remains predominantly outcomes-focused with little attention given to the process of what, how and from whom students acquire essential skills during work placement.

This summit has been developed to discuss strategies to respond to the rising unemployment, skills shortages, job mis(match) and changes in the labour market. Key discussion points will include creating a culture that foster partnerships between higher education and industry, designing curriculum which is responsive to the needs of both community and industry, as well as reviewing key graduate and labour market data to inform long term employability strategies.

Don’t miss this invaluable opportunity to network with a range of key stakeholders and leading experts from higher and further education, research groups, regulatory bodies and the corporate world, and discover how best to prepare young people to take advantage of future opportunities, address industry skills gaps and boost growth and productivity.

Everyone stands to benefit

Education Institutes

  • Learning supplemented by workplace experiences
  • Improved industry links
  • Enhanced community profile
  • Motivated students


  • Real-life learning experiences
  • Enhanced career prospects
  • Developed personal and interpersonal skills
  • Combined work with study


  • Easy recruitment
  • Reduced training costs
  • Involvement with education institution programmes
  • Access to education institution personnel and facilities

Who will attend?

Lecturers, Directors, Heads, Managers and Specialists who are responsible for the following:

  • Work Integrated Learning
  • Graduate Employability
  • Industry Engagement
  • Curriculum Development
  • Academic Teaching & Learning
  • University & Corporate Relations
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Innovation
  • Internship
  • Graduate programmes
  • Alumni relations
  • HR & Talent Management
  • Workforce Planning
  • Knowledge Management
  • Training & Development
  • Corporate Planning & Strategy
  • Organisational Change

Key points of discussion will include?

  • Embedding work integrated learning into course design and the curriculum to increase graduate employability outcomes
  • Creating a culture that values work integrated learning and the soft, transferrable skills it provides
  • Upskilling to meet the demands of the digital future under Industry 4.0
  • Developing sustainable industry linkages through vocational education
  • Implementing practical strategies from industry leaders and universities to successfully close the employability and skills gap
  • Assessing the partnership approach of your institution, including gaps and tensions
  • Providing students with educational opportunities that adapt to the modern workforce and are flexible with students needs


May 14 - 15 2020


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